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Moxy STRIFE Bowling Ball 

The Moxy® STRIFE™ is our 3rd ball in the Moxy Bowling Products High Performance Bowling Ball line. With the success of our Moxy Exothermic Series, we wanted to offer a ball that would complement the Exothermic and the Exothermic Burst. This ball is that perfect High Performance Asymmetrical Ball for heavier and longer oil patterns. The Moxy Strife takes total hook to an extremely high level. It is time to create some STRIFE with the pins!

When we set out to create the Moxy® STRIFE, our goal was to create a ball motion that would be perfect for heavier and/or long oil. With the Strife Asymmetric Core and the extremely aggressive STRIFE Coverstock, we did just that. During our extensive testing, this ball worked very well for bowlers with all different styles and rev rates. Even the bowlers with the higher rev rates found this ball to not burn up to early like some Asymmetric Solid coverstock bowling balls. The lower rev and “tweeners” really liked this ball on freshly oiled lanes when other balls in their bag would not make the turn in the oil.

The STRIFE™ Solid coverstock is manufactured with the latest additives in coverstock technology to create an extremely aggressive ball motion for heavier oil for all styles. With the Higher Differential Strife Core, this ball still saves energy for an aggressive continuation through the pins. 

Features and Size

Moxy Strife Product Sheet

Core Type: STRIFE™ High Diff Asymmetric

Coverstock: STRIFE™ Solid Reactive

Color: Blue/Black/Gray

Finishing Steps: 500 Siaair/2000 Siaair Micro Pad

USBC APPROVED: Approximately August 30th, 2016

Weights: 12-16 Pounds

14lbs RG Max: 2.553, 14lbs RG Min: 2.497, 14lbs RG Differential: 0.056 

15lbs RG Max: 2.536, 15lbs RG Min: 2.480, 15lbs RG Differential: 0.056

16lbs RG Max: 2.524, 16lbs RG Min: 2.468, 16lbs RG Differential: 0.056

We utilize a generic core shape with a RG-Differential that is close enough to the 14-16lbs core shape so the same drilling instructions can be used.

12lbs RG Max: 2.655, 12lbs RG Min: 2.612, 12lbs RG Differential: 0.043 

13lbs RG Max: 2.632, 13lbs RG Min: 2.589, 13lbs RG Differential: 0.043

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

No Additional Warrenty, 1 Year +6.95, 2 Year +11.95

Customize Your Ball Finish

500 Grit Finish, 800 Grit Finish, 1000 Grit Finish, 1500 Grit Finish, 2000 Grit Finish, 3000 Grit Finish, 4000 Grit Finish, High Gloss Polish, 1000 Grit Then High Gloss Polish, 2000 Grit Then High Gloss Polish, 3000 Grit Then High Gloss Polish, 4000 Grit Then High Gloss Polish

Drilling Protection Plan

No Drilling Protection Plan, Add Drilling Protection Plan

Pin Distance

No Preference, 1-2 Inches, 2-3 Inches, 3-4 Inches

Top Weight

No Preference, 2 to 3 Ounces, 3 to 4 Ounces

Drilling Service Options

No Drilling Service, Right Handed X-Small, Right Handed Small, Right Handed Medium, Right Handed Large, Right Handed X-Large, Left Handed X-Small, Left Handed Small, Left Handed Medium, Left Handed Large, Left Handed X-Large, Professional Drilling Service – Email Label to Take Specs Off Current Ball, Professional Drilling Service – I Will Email or Fax Specs, Professional Drilling Service – Specs on File


No Engraving, Yes, Block Lettering, Yes, Script Lettering


12lbs, 13lbs, 14lbs, 15lbs, 16lbs


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